Translation Services

Chris Translation Industries

Information and Telecommunications Technology

We respond adequately to translation and localization needs in the information and telecommunications technology industry that require translation memory control and a large volume of translation.


We are familiar with applications for international patents and procedures for concluding contracts between companies. Many companies in Hong Kong and overseas have placed their utmost confidence in us.


With many experienced translators, we take advantage of our experience and expertise in translation of a wide range of fields to respond to translation needs for all fields in this ever-changing world. Subtitling translation


In the light of increased necessity for translation of technological fields, we are finding and fostering excellent translators. We support a wide range of technological fields and a volume of quality translation.


Our translators who have expertise in semiconductors and are familiar with different types of document forms provide quality translations.


We have many translators with expertise in automobiles and can respond flexibly and quickly to translation needs for any particular fields or different types of document forms.

Pharmaceutical and Medical

We have a lot of translators with expertise in different fields including medical science, pharmaceutical science, chemistry, biology, and life science.


We provide delicate, correct translations by staff familiar with different financial industries including banks, life insurance, and securities, and with the current situations of the investment markets in different countries.


We translate different types of contracts, such as sales agreements, that support international business activities including M & A, joint ventures, licensing, and proceedings.

We provide a free trial translation service to first-time clients.This trial translation is a translation of a part of the source document (around 200 words in length) provided to the client free of charge so that they may confirm that our translations meet their required level of quality. Upon confirming the high level of our translation quality clients can rest assured that you will receive the highest level of translation service with the translator of the trial translation also performing subsequent translations.