Translation Quality Assurance (QA)

When it comes to any language service provider or translation agency, the first thing which should be a top priority is the translation quality assurance. As translation is a never-ending process where the same linguists are being used with different projects, a service provider should always keep a check and balance on the quality of service that the linguists are providing. If a linguist is not performing according to standards, this should be scored and an action should be taken. Chris Translation open to translation quality assurance audit it is fine to trust us because it shows that they take quality seriously.

Professional translators

We only work with professional translators with years of experience, carefully tested by our recruitment team. In order to ensure high accuracy, our linguists are only allowed to translate into their native language, even if they are near-natives in a second language.

Over the years, the translator was considered to have an ethical and legal obligation toward his employer:
At Chris Translation we employ only highly professional translators who have rating systems based on QA results, client feedback, and who pass our test


With TQA (Total Quality Assurance), the translation quality is improved by decreasing mistakes. But that is not sufficient enough to guarantee quality! The work is still completed by our translators, because these tools cannot detect mistakes arising from an incorrect understanding of the source text or an inappropriate choice of language register. Because of the development of the industry on a global scale, and the knowledge of standards allowed quality assurance in translation to make its way into the industry and society.


Native speakers have a larger vocabulary, a better understanding of the target language
And not to forget a better knowledge about the grammar. We partner with highly professional translators to bring you high quality translation services at affordable prices. But it is equally important to have a validation and verification system to remove any doubts about discrepancies. Chris Translation developed such an integrated system in order to provide the best quality for our clients.

Experienced in your field

If your document is of medical nature, we will only assign translators with experience in this field, who are aware of the various, specialized terms being used in your document. Similarly, if you have a technical manual to translate, only a technical translator will be able to do it. As a translation service provider we understand that our clients rely on our work and before we present the final copy to your clients, each document is double checked by a second translator. Our company has to take specific steps for the quality control of each document so as to ensure an accurate translation reaches the client.

Quality assurance

Our translation process makes sure that the translation is accurate and of the highest quality. If however the client has any doubts, we give the option to contact us at any time after the translation has been delivered and we will quickly re-open the project and work on it until the client is happy.All these requirements make all the difference from the quality point-of-view. To help translation quality assurance, we have also implemented a quality management system, and our linguists are only allowed to translate in their native language

The Process of Quality Control

For the purpose of translation quality control, one person translates the document. The translated document is then proofread by another individual and finally, our quality assurance team checks the translation before sending it to the client. The client has the option to come back to us later, at any time, if modifications are needed and when that happens, we will re-open the project and edit the translation until if fully meets the client’s goal.


Quality Assurance is one of Chris Translation most important steps in delivering you high quality translation services.

Quality of a translation does not stop with a translator and a proofreader. The QA team at the end makes sure that all or any special requirements requested by the client are met entirely and the translation is of the highest quality.


Not to forget project management, where state-of-the-art project management software, especially done for translation companies, is used to keep track of the translation process and to make sure that delivery is on time as agreed.

Quality Guaranteed

It’s no accident that we’re able to achieve 98% customer satisfaction – we guarantee the highest quality.

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Select the relevant service level and options. Proofreading, rush order, expertise: our prices are flexible and transparent.

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Our upload portal utilises SSL encryption. All translators, editors and DTPs have signed NDAs and confidentiality agreements and are trained in secure working practices.

Why Is Quality of Translation Important?

There are several types of translations like legal translation, business translation, medical translation, finance translation, scientific translation, and many more provided by professional translation language services. These translations if not appropriately translated would generate a lot of difficulty in their works. It is a great human skill which supports humans to exchange experiences and ideas despite different languages. Quality of translation is essential, for a case, if a person is translating a medical document, then he has to be very concerned about the medical terms, instructions, and titles. The source document should be accurately carried in the target language. In case, translation mistake is made, the message sent would be harmful to patients, the quality of translation is an important aspect. In the translation industry, accuracy and quality in any kind and size of the project is a significant requirement. The name of the company and its translators depend on the quality of the service they provide to any client, whether they are companies or individuals

A service that charges more will not necessarily provide better services than a service provider which offers the same services at a lower cost. So, if you are looking for accurate yet cheap translation services, Chris Translation is the perfect choice.

We provide high-quality and fast translation services at a cost that is not offered by any other service provider. We do not compromise on quality and we believe that every person has the right to get the best services when needed and that is why the services we offer are provided at a very cheap rate.

We are definitely the cheapest service available at this level of quality. We always use two translators to each project no matter its size. The first translator translates and the second one proofreads the translation, making sure there are no errors or omissions and the message is perfectly conveyed into the target language. For us, customer satisfaction is more important than money and we strive to provide the best quality but also the best customer support

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Crucial documents require professional translation services that ensure high quality. Accurate translations are essential for every page of each document and a team of industry-savvy translators who understand the importance of your documents must check them in detail.  We carry out quality translations of documents such as business reports, medical journals, insurance papers and much more – for a wide variety of industries, including 


Quality Policy

Our aim is to provide our customers with linguistic services of the highest quality,
facilitating their effective international communication and more rapid business growth.

Our quality policy is a tool to help our customers achieve their goal – to satisfy customer expectations,
to keep pace with innovations in the language industry, and to ensure the professional and personal
growth of employees and vendors, along with our customers’ business growth and prosperity.

Measured Quality

Our approach to quality

Every client has different objectives and every localization and translation project is unique. Although how we manage projects is important, understanding how the project outputs will be used and how what we deliver will be scrutinized is central to how we provide our services.

The quality process

We believe in establishing objectives at the start of the project, measuring the outputs to ensure they meet these objectives before each delivery step and then learning from the experience once the project has been completed. Some of the tools that enable us to do this include the briefing documents provided by the customer, detailed work package documentation for our translation and and localization teams, adapted quality control techniques and in-house learning logs.

We believe quality should be front-loaded, and must start as far upstream as possible. Translation and localization are linear processes that typically involve a team of individuals that play different roles (translator > editor … etc.), each with their own unique and separate tasks. In localization projects, many companies will leave the quality review until the very end of the project. We believe this approach wastes time and can add to the overall cost of the project. Our approach is to make sure quality is built-in at the start of the project, and then reviewed in every stage.

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