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In order to assure high quality output we follow our language translation process steps with every translation project flow, no matter if the document is small or large. Despite so complex steps, we are however able to deliver fast translations due to our regulatory translation process as discussed above.

  • Client asks for a free quote. We count the number of words in the document provided by the client and send the quote.
  • If the client agrees with the quote and makes the payment, the process starts. The first in our language translation process steps is finding the right translator and proofreader. That depends on a number of factors, the two most-important being: both linguists need to be natives of your target language, and both translators need to be well-experienced in the field of the document.
  • Once both translators have been assigned, the translation starts. The first translator translates the document.
  • The translation is reviewed by the proofreader, who makes sure the output is accurate and there are no mistakes or omissions by comparing with the source document.
  • Our quality assurance team checks the result for any inconsistencies and delivers the translation to the client.
  • A certified professional translation product is the result of the efforts of a qualified individual whose main skill consists of communicating the meaning of a source (original) language into a target (translated) language. Professional translation services can range from a variety of translation types including human translation, crowd-and sourced translation. We all of our professional translation services are elevated by the use of our professional human translators.

Effective translation management tools

Using translation management software allows us to increase the efficiency to a greater extent. It enables the translators to work faster and it eliminates the strenuous tasks of manual work and repetition.

The management software also provides an effective way for translators, editors, proofreaders and project managers to collaborate better in every project, and an enhanced translation project flow. On top of that, the invoicing and client management is also built into it, making it the perfect solution to manage our company a lot more efficiently. Automated procedures are one of the key points which lead the workflow of our agency.

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Faster and better rates than any traditional translation company, without sacrificing quality

Chris Translation is the only ISO-certified translation platform in the world

The client has the right to come back to us if he is not happy with the translation or has questions. When that happens we quickly re-open the project and the translators work on it until all issues have been solved.

High quality professional translation services provided by the very best.

At Chris Translation we only work with highly qualified translators. Our rigorous recruitment criteria, quality management systems and translator feedback processes ensure you always have the best experience in translation . Our in-house with over 83+ handpicked translators we're also able to find you the best experts based on your budget and project requirements.

Service segmentation of the translation service market is sub-segmented:

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Our intuitive translation platform allows companies of any size to order
cost-efficient translations from professional translators.

Chi Ka

Chinese-English Translator (Hong Kong)

Chinese-English Translator (Hong Kong) I am a native Hong Kong translator and hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Hong Kong, majoring in translation. I have been working as a translator for 9 years now.

Aiko A

Certified English-Japanese translator, good at business documents

I am a native speaker of Japanese and have a Cambridge English certificate. I have always called Tokyo my home. Since I have been interested in English since childhood, I have been practicing and can speak and write fluent English. I have been learning English for over 20 years now and I am improving every day.

Chloe Seoyeong Shin

English-Korean translation

Native Korean translator living permanently in the United States since 1999. I have been studying English for over 11 years and have lived in the US for 5 years. I went to middle school in the US, returned to Korea, and stayed in the US. So, because of my unique experience, I’m like a native translator and writer of both languages. Aside from living in a different culture far from the US, my knowledge and pronunciation of both languages is truly the best.

Dalia Elleuch

English – French translation

Master of Laws, University of Oxford, UK. Executive MBA from the University of Cambridge, UK. MA in English – UBO Brest & Quimper, Thesis in French Linguistics

Learn more about what we do, and how we do it.

We’ll get the right message to the right person and meet the right requirements—in any language, anywhere.

Our best certified professional translators who translate exclusively into their own native language. We seek out talent wherever it may reside.

More than 10 Years Experience – Only Native Speakers

Professional translators are given a hard task. The types of translation projects that one receives can be varied and incredibly challenging. The person who is asked to translate has to keep in mind the various factors that the client may not be able to foresee while expecting the translation. We are trained to take the entire facet and expects that challenge the translation needs of the clients in mind and we are here to deliver the best translation services in Hong Kong.

Why would you choose our professional translators?

Why would you choose our professional translators? Always on time At Chris Translation, when our project managers see a text, they give an educated guess on how long it would take to translate it, based on text type and length. If a person only has little or no previous translation experience, such estimation is hard to make. We know our translators and we are able to give you an accurate deadline, and we keep to it.
 Sometimes the content has been written in a way that makes it possible to be translated in various ways. At times – mainly if the material is in a language other than the translator’s mother tongue – one must look past the choices of words or even grammar to come at the correct interpretation. Our professional translators master their both languages and are able to decide when such measures are called for Our Philosophy.
8 personal qualities every our in-house translator
1. Attention to detail (Without this quality, our translators won’t consistently produce fully accurate, well-worded translations)
2. Good organisation (Our translators manage their time well, have good recordkeeping and are efficient in what they do.)
3. Self-motivation (The energy and discipline to do what you have to do, and go the extra mile when you need to, can only come from you.)
4. Dependability (Clients must be able to rely on you to respond promptly to communications and meet translation deadlines.)
5. Adaptability (The quality to take non-standard translation projects and unusual client requests in your stride. And to consider reviewer critiques and suggestions with an open mind.)
6. Integrity (To play by the “rules” – maintain confidentiality, observe business and professional ethics, respect your client/supplier relationships.)
7. Curiosity (Translators who are naturally curious find all texts interesting, so enjoy every translation project.
8. Professional pride (The quality that will spur you to always produce high quality work and present yourself in a professional manner.)

Our In-House Translator Responsibilities

  • With in-depth knowledge of the source and target languages, perform translation of written text
  • Edit, standardize, proofread, revise and finalize translated material prepared by other employees and contractors
  • Organize translated material and finalize translation according to set standards regarding order, clarity, conciseness, style, and terminology
  • Prepare project reports and documentation
  • Research legal, technical, and scientific phraseology pertinent to the assigned projects
  • Consult with experts in specialist areas; retain and develop specialist knowledge on specialist areas of translation
  • Advise clients and translation team members about matters of target language custom, culture, and protocol
  • Create writing instructions, reference and maintenance manuals for the translation service team
  • Prepare project proposals, training materials, technical reports, online documentation and help systems for assigned projects
  • Provide training to employees and contractors for a proper style of localization

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