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Supported Languages of Chris Translation Service Company

It has been said that an increasing number of people around the world would use English with the popularization of the Internet. Actually, however, computers have been used in respective national languages, and different languages are now often found all over the Net. This trend will increase the utility of and demand for translation services.
Chris Translation supports over 253 languages including major languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean.
For any special language, we secure two or more translators or native editors familiar with the language in a reliable quality check system to avoid possible translation errors by a single person.

We also have long experience in translating foreign languages into other foreign languages or in translating a single language into two or more languages. We meet a wide range of requests from translation of a single business letter to translation of a large volume of documents.

Language Detection

This is a language detection service. It accepts text and returns result with detected language code and score. Currently detects 168 languages.

Chris Translation provides a full suite of translation and localization services in all major European, Asian, Middle Eastern, African and American languages – we’re experienced in over 253 languages. Chris Translation regularly translates both from and into the ones listed below.  We also have the resources to branch out into any other dialects your project may require. If your language of interest isn’t listed, please contact us.  We will find a specialist for you. We only employ native speakers who translate into their own mother tongue. Our Bilingual editors and proofreaders review your translation against the original copy. It’s also worth noting that among our multicultural administrators at our headquarters, there are twelve languages spoken! We understand your needs because we speak your company or organization’s language.

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