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It has been said that an increasing number of people around the world would use English with the popularization of the Internet. Actually, however, computers have been used in respective national languages, and different languages are now often found all over the Net. This trend will increase the utility of and demand for translation services.
Chris Translation supports over 253 languages including major languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean.
For any special language, we secure two or more translators or native editors familiar with the language in a reliable quality check system to avoid possible translation errors by a single person.

We also have long experience in translating foreign languages into other foreign languages or in translating a single language into two or more languages. We meet a wide range of requests from translation of a single business letter to translation of a large volume of documents.

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Professional translation across 35+ languages

Whether you’re looking to translate into Japanese, Italian, or Arabic, you’ll find the expert you need among our community of 83 inhouse professional translators. For more complex language pairs, contact our sales team to find the right solution to match your requirements.​

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Language Detection

This is a language detection service. It accepts text and returns result with detected language code and score. Currently detects 168 languages.

English, French, Spanish

Spanish, Portuguese

Indonesian, Chinese (Taiwanese/Mandarin), Vietnamese, Bengali, Korean, Japanese, Malay, Cambodian, Nepali, Tibetan, Mongolian, Burmese, Lao, Thai, Hindi, Urdu, Russian

Azerbaijanian, Uzbek, Turkish, Arabic, Kirgiz, Hebrew, Armenian, Persian, Dari

Swahili, Arabic, French, English

Icelandic, Italian, Ukrainian, English, Dutch, Greek, Croatian, Swedish, Spanish, Slovak, Slovene, Serbian, Czech, German, Norwegian, Hungarian, Finnish, French, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Polish, Macedonian, Danish, Latin, Romanian, Russian

Languages are the reflection of centuries of history and culture and translation is as old as humankind. Language translation services are part of all traditional marketing and inbound marketing, international sales and commercialization efforts – and the Internet has made it even easier. Professional translations are a requirement for technical documentation.

Our Knowledge Center is a true language information section with constant updates and contributions from writers, staff, colleagues and friends who provide us with insights, anecdotes, stories and pictures. Follow it to learn in depth about languages, their history and features, etiquette and reasons why you should adapt and translate your web and your documentation to publish in foreign languages. Articles on languages are short, but specialized and concise, and provide a good deal of useful information on languages as a sales tool. You will also learn about the rich history of each language, the people who speak it and where, and how it came to be what it is today.

Translate into different languages using our website translation services to reach new audiences you would never reach through traditional channels. Run through the languages below, make a list of your target markets and watch your business grow.

Chris Translation provides a full suite of translation and localization services in all major European, Asian, Middle Eastern, African and American languages – we’re experienced in over 253 languages. Chris Translation regularly translates both from and into the ones listed below.  We also have the resources to branch out into any other dialects your project may require. If your language of interest isn’t listed, please contact us.  We will find a specialist for you. We only employ native speakers who translate into their own mother tongue. Our Bilingual editors and proofreaders review your translation against the original copy. It’s also worth noting that among our multicultural administrators at our headquarters, there are twelve languages spoken! We understand your needs because we speak your company or organization’s language.

Not only do Arab speakers account for over 350 million worldwide, the Arabic speaking world has the 7th largest population of internet users. If you want to capitalize on this immense market, proper localization is key.

To ensure that your business succeeds in the Bulgarian market, look no further than Chris Translation Learn about how you can easily reach the 9 million people worldwide with seamless English-Bulgarian translations.

As China’s global presence continues to grow at an exponential rate, translation into Chinese can open doors to tremendous opportunities unlike anywhere else in the world. Chris Translation delivers quality, affordable human translations to and from Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

The Danish language has influence all over Denmark and even Greenland and parts of Germany. Let Chris Translation help your business translate its content to Danish to expand its reach.

Spoken by over 28 million people worldwide, Dutch is easily one of the most frequent languages that enterprises localize into. Here at Chris Translation, we’ve translated millions of words into and out of Dutch, easily and at scale.

As the most spoken language in Europe, German is a primary target for translation. Fast, affordable and reliable, we’ve translated millions of words to and from German. Fast, affordable and reliable, Chris Translation has translated millions of words to and from German.

As one of the world’s most important diplomatic and influential languages, French is a primary target for localization. Chris Translation’s professional translators deliver English to French translations for Canadian French as well as European French.

Spoken by those not only in Finland, but also Sweden, Russia, and the U.S., Finnish is an obvious choice as a language businesses should localize into. Explore the ways that Chris Translation can help you optimize this.

Chris Translation can help your business translate its content from English to what is considered one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn — Hungarian.

Regarded by most as “the Holy language” and as an ancient language of the Israelites and their ancestors, Hebrew is unquestionably an obvious choice for businesses when considering localization needs for reaching the global market.

The Greek language and culture has great global influence — not only is it spoken by almost the entirely of the population in Greece, the Greek language already lives in nearly 30% of English words.

The Italian language and culture has great global influence, especially within the realm of culture, politics and economics. Fast, affordable and reliable, Chris Translation has translated millions of words into and from Italian.

Given the fact that Indonesian is understood so commonly all throughout one of the world’s largest populations, localizing into the Indonesian market is an easy decision. Let Chris Translation help you figure out your business’ English-Indonesian translation needs.

Japanese speakers account for 10% of all Internet users, making it the third largest language on the web. Therefore, localization into Japanese is critical for cross-border success in Japan.

As the 12th largest economy worldwide and the fourth largest in Asia, South Korea presents itself as a key market for businesses looking to expand into APAC. Chris Translation provides quick and affordable Korean translation and localization services.

Malay is considered a major language spoken not only throughout Malaysia, but it has widespread reach across the rest of Southeast Asia as well, including Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and more.

Couple the fact that Norwegian is considered one of the easiest languages for English-speakers to learn with the ease that Chris Translation already provides, translating your content to Norwegian is bound to be a seamless process.

Did you know that translating into Polish can unlock access to the EU’s sixth largest economy? Read more about how Chris Translation provides professional human translation into and out of Polish.

With strong communities spread across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, the number of Portuguese speakers adds up to over 250 million. Chris Translation provides scalable human translation into European and Brazilian Portuguese.

As the Romanian-speaking population grows to nearly 25 million people, translating your content to Romanian can yield endless opportunities for your business. Chris Translation can help you properly localize for whatever needs you have.

With over 400 million speakers worldwide, Spanish is a primary target for localization of online content. Chris Translation’s professional translators deliver English to Spanish translations for European Spanish as well as Spanish localized for Latin America.

Chris Translation’s professional translators can help you effectively reach the market in Slovakia, and even Croatia and Bulgaria by translating your business content from English to Slovak.

Serbian is the official language of Serbia — and there’s no better way to reach the Serbian-speaking population than to ensure your content is properly localized. Chris Translation provides quality translations for all your Serbian translation needs.

Reaching the market in Southeast Asia properly means having your content translated to a number of languages, especially Thai, which is the official language of Thailand and spoken by nearly 60 million people worldwide.

As one of the official languages of the Philippines, translating your content from English to Tagalog is essential to effectively reaching nearly a quarter of the Philippines’ population of 100 million.

Translating into Swedish means gaining access to not only the Swedish, but parts of the Danish and Norwegian economy as well. Read more about how Chris Translation can help your business quickly localize for the Swedish market.

As the second most spoken Slavic language, Ukrainian translations can help boost market growth significantly for your business. Learn more about how Chris Translation is your answer for all your Ukrainian translation projects.

Translating your projects into Turkish means that your business has the potential to reach nearly 75 million speakers worldwide. Learn more about how Chris Translation can help with all of your English to Turkish translation needs.

Ensuring that your content is translated from English to Vietnamese is crucial in reaching the market in Vietnam. Chris Translation provides professional, scalable translation into Vietnamese.

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