Chris Translation Service is a long established foreign voice-over agency based in Hong Kong. We provide a professional foreign voice-casting and foreign voice recording service, offering a selection of the world’s best native foreign voice talent, at a price you can afford.

CHRIS TRANSLATION SERVICE‘s broad language service portfolio includes professional voiceover services in 100+ languages. With our international network of professional voice artists, we provide comprehensive voice production services for a variety of media including online presentations, videos, films, TV programs, as well as video and computer games.

Over the past 20 years, CHRIS TRANSLATION SERVICE has accumulated over 100 professional voiceover talents categorized by gender, voice type and target language.

CHRIS TRANSLATION SERVICE‘s Global Resource (GR) team manages the evaluation and qualification of new talents to be included in our voiceover database. In addition to accepting only the highest quality, we also require our talents to have access to professional sound studios for the highest audio standard. CHRIS TRANSLATION SERVICE uses our Hong Kong-based team to perform post-recording editing, ensuring that we consistently deliver the most competitive voiceover services.

We pick each voiceover talent based on his/her own voice type, past experience and actual sample recordings; only professionals – never amateurs – are contracted to work on our projects. In fact, many CHRIS TRANSLATION SERVICE voice talents are well-known actors on TV, in the movies and in other media in their home countries. Having the most qualified professional voice talents allows us to efficiently produce voiceovers with optimum results. Compared to amateur talents, professionals can usually record the work in a single take, eliminating the need for multiple recording sessions and ultimately saving not only time, but money.

In addition to having excellent voiceover talents available for localized audio recordings, CHRIS TRANSLATION SERVICE has one of the largest multimedia localization teams in the industry. We regularly work on localizing various e-Learning and rich media projects, videos, Articulate and Captivate courses, HTML 5, Flash presentations, RSS feeds, 3-D animations, presentations over the cloud or on mobile, and desktop computer software. We handle complex multimedia translation projects on a regular basis for a variety of customers including Kodak, P&G, Intel, Medtronic, Adobe and many others and since most of the engineering and editing work is done in Hong Kong, we are able to offer our clients very competitive pricing.

From the inception, we employ the two-step approach – meticulous composition of your request till its final delivery.

The quality of our time-tested process is unmatched. You can even get different commercial voice over services in any preferred language. This package is not attached to any commissions or hidden fees. At Chris Translation, we charge no royalties because we are genuinely satisfied with handing  all recording rights to you. Come on board, this is an amusing and fun-filled experience from the most drilled voice over service providers.  

The following are some voiceover samples in a variety of languages; additional voice samples are available upon request.

  • Cantonese  
  • Japanese 
  • Chinese (PRC) 
  • Korean 
  • Chinese (Taiwan) 
  • Portuguese (Brazil) 
  • Dutch 
  • Portuguese (Portugal) 
  • English (UK) 
  • Romanian 
  • Finnish 
  • Spanish (Latin America) 
  • French (France) 
  • Spanish (Spain) 
  • German 
  • Thai 
  • Italian 
  • Turkish 

As part of our complete range of media localisation services we also offer an accurate and comprehensive voice-over translation service. We can translate your voice-overs from any language to any other language. Voiceover actors are located right around the world, while scripts are localised, and refined consistently, to meet the client’s preferences.

Our full translation and voiceover services include translating the script into the target language, recording the voiceover actors reading from the script and placing the voiceover recording over the original footage, following the original dialogue by a few seconds delay.

Important: Voiceover audio is generally only spoken by a single actor and is played over the original audio, which remains audible in the background, while a dubbed soundtrack replaces the original audio completely.

Furthermore we also offer a complete range of transcription services

Subtitling Service
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Our in-house professional voice over studios include high quality sound booths, the latest digital recording and software systems with a team of highly and widely experienced professional producers, studio engineers and mixing engineers. We can deliver files in a variety of formats according to your requirements

We edit out any lip smacking or pauses before delivery. We can also sync the audio back into your video, ready to publish.

We have many more to choose from if none of these fit the bill. One of our helpful project management team will be delighted to help you find exactly the voice you are looking for.  That’s all part of the Chris Translation Multilingual service, helping you find the right voice-over translation at the right price.

We’ll make sure we meet all of your technical specifications.

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