Translation Quality (Quality Control (Localization))

Based on past experience in localization and rigorous quality control processes, Chris Translation Service Co responds flexibly and reliably to all sorts of projects.

Chris Translation has introduced rigorous quality control processes based on past experience in localization in order to respond flexibly and reliably to all sorts of projects.

The most important part in localization is the management of localization processes and quality. In Chris Translation, a project manager makes detailed plans for localization processes and quality control so that any changes in a project can be flawlessly handled. This is accomplished by good quality staff including in-house translators, editors, proofreaders, and engineers.

Translation is brainwork that requires a high degree of intellectual ability. This ability can be taken full advantage of by making effective use of different types of information provided by customers with TRADOS or other translation memory tools. A language leader also plays an important role in producing uniform, high quality translations by leading translators and editors.

This well-organized cooperation brings translators and checkers together to produce quality translations. A project manager with excellent communication skills and staff management ability who is familiar with localization controls these processes and project members.

File preparation
Before assigning files to translators, they are analyzed and grouped, tables of contents, indexes, and predefined expressions are translated, as appropriate, and build tests are conducted.