Contract Translation Service

Our translation based on comprehensive knowledge of international legal affairs minimizes business risks.

Giulia Senior (Project Manager)

Enormous Volume of international agreements

As globalized business activities accelerate, the necessity for concluding different kinds of international agreements, such as patent license agreements and confidentiality agreements, has been growing. Currently, there are no unified rules for international business contracts. The rights and obligations of parties involved must be stipulated in detail regardless of the type of contract. For this reason, international business requires a much larger volume of contracts than domestic business does.  

Our mission is to translate these contracts. First of all, we must produce correct, precise translations so that they might not lead to a problem in the future.

 Rachel Metlovaite (Executive Officer)

We produce translation that legal experts in the counterpart country can read without having doubts

 Hong Kong contracts and Western contracts differ from each other in sentence structure. It is important to produce translations that legal experts in the counterpart country can read without having doubts.

For example, while a Hong Kong contract begins with a description of the purpose of the contract, a Western contract may begin with a simple sentence such as “This agreement entered into between A and B commits each party to the following.”

On the other hand, while a Hong Kong contract usually does not describe why that contract is to be concluded, a Western contract contains a description of the reason at the beginning.

We aim to provide high quality translations by understanding these differences in contract forms between countries and paying attention to the special wording of contracts in different countries. Chris Translation Service Co. with our sophisticated knowledge of international legal affairs, can provide this kind of value, which very few others can.

Not only contracts, but also other documents may require legal consideration. Business letters sent to or received from foreign companies may lead to an unexpected misunderstanding or problem because of language or cultural differences. In that case, you should also take advantage of our service.

There is a number of cogent and compelling reasons why all your translation need to be officially certified from a reliable legal translation service provider

These list of documents needing translation, which will be used for various distinct legal purposes such as the birth certificates and  the marriage documents, or strictly for organizational use like the documented patents or official contracts, all have to follow correct measures for their certification. At Chris Translation, we maintain the industry standards and completely set the stage with professional and legal interpreters acting as your personal consultant, backed with accreditation from relevant institutions and in specific countries in which you operate. This makes us fully capable of becoming your sworn translation service provider.

The direction that these delicate processes for legal documents with individual matching legitimacy tends to, is not always a simple one

Depending on the circumstance or structure, some special certified translation services that we offer, might require the attention of highly skilled legal translation practitioners – which we have in abundance as we rigorously select the best, who will be perfectly suited for your project topic. Our project management team will be constant contact with you as the process progresses, till its delivery.

At Chris Translation

We are fully aware of the fact that every translation project takes a different shape, must be approached in a different sequence and intends to serve a totally different purpose. Lets work together and help achieve the translation for all your documents with legal and/ or juridical validity in any country of your choice since we cover as wide as a hundred and fifteen different languages. We offer the finest legal translation service plan in the globe and fully appreciate that time is a key element or factor that must be carefully considered before there can be any commitment on your part consequently leading to why Chris Translation understand these requirements, provide valued services and deliver your completed project with a quick turnaround time, but never mistake speed for ineffectiveness. This is the age of speed and perfect accuracy.