With accelerated globalization, companies all over the world cannot ignore the necessity for localization of the entire business from selling their own products to technology transfers. How products are localized determines subsequent selling strategies.

For successful localization, Chris Translation has tied up with localization vendors in Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, and Seoul and shared business with each for competitive advantage. Through these tie-ups, we are aiming to optimize localization to propose optimum solutions in terms of management, quality, cost, and delivery time.

To respond to diversified translation needs among companies all over the world, we have many translators with expertise in a wide range of fields. In this sense, we are one of the most extraordinary translation companies in the world. We also have an extraordinary number of in-house translators.

Translators and editors with expertise in different fields make a team, allowing translation of all fields. These in-house translators give appropriate instructions required in translation to external translators who have passed a difficult examination (Translator Qualifying Examination: TQE), and this provides an environment where high quality translations can be produced.

In addition, we run the Chris Translation Academy, a translation school. Chris Translation Academy has been providing various courses including correspondence courses to foster translators in different fields for over 20 years.
Thus, a large base of translators serves as an engine for high quality translations.

Information technologyTelecommunications, servers, databases, CAD, images, etc.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 
BioscienceMedical equipment, clinical trial data, clinical data, catalogs, etc.
Securities, financeSystems, annual reports, investment reports, materials for promotion, etc.
EntertainmentGame software, etc.
e-LearningDifferent kinds of training, web applications, manuals, etc.
PublishingDictionaries, technical manuals, etc.
Manufacturing, machineryAutomobiles, aerospace, various kinds of parts, machines, electric power, etc.
EnergyElectric power, nuclear energy, petroleum, etc.
AmusementHotels, leisure facilities, theme parks, etc.

We also localize English products for use in Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean. With the recent rapid economic development in China, the demand for localization of products into Mandarin Chinese has been growing.
Many companies have come to China from all over the world as part of their economic strategies focusing on the market of 1.3 billion people. We localize software, manuals, online help, and catalogs required to use these companies’ products in a timely fashion.

South Korea and Taiwan have also become important partners in the Asian economic block including China and Japan.

We support localization of all kinds of software products and the documents required in selling them, as well as technical tie-ups. We can also localize into different languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean.

Our production teams can take a complex software project from beginning stage analysis and internationalization, to localization of the Hong Kong, help systems, and technical documentation, ensure proper functionality with functional testing and Quality Assurance, and finally, deliver a native-quality product back for deployment to the intended market.

Whether it be a complex mutimillion word project in a dozen languages or a small technical marketing brochure, there is no translation task we can’t handle.