Contract Translation Service Supported Fields

The recent wave of globalization requires communications and concluding contracts with business partners who not only use a different language but also have different legal systems and cultures.
Careful consideration of legal matters is essential for the promotion of international business.

Sophisticated expertise and a sense of understanding legal matters are required for translation of different types of contracts, such as sales agreements, that support international businesses activities including M & A, joint ventures, licensing, and proceedings.
Chris Translation Service Co. has translation staff with considerable experience in legal work. Our rigorous order-receiving system and reliable confidentiality system support your global business activities.

Cross-border contracts must be concluded to promote international business. Translation of these contracts requires more than just translation of sentences.
Without a sense of understanding international legal matters and a full understanding of the differences between countries in legal systems, culture and customs, translations of contracts may cause a serious problem.

Chris Translation has translators experienced in practical international legal affairs. When we receive an order for translation of a contract, we ascertain from the client the purpose of the translation, situations surrounding the contract, and other information in order to provide careful translations that use appropriate expressions and formats for the purpose. We have established strict rules and systems for confidentiality. We also work to raise staff members' awareness about security to provide reliable service. In this increasingly borderless age, information exchange free from legal defects is required not only in concluding contracts or proceedings, but also in many other aspects. Everyday, casual communications may lead to unexpected legal problems. Please take full advantage of our service in order to communicate in a reliable manner beyond language and cultural differences.

• Standards
• Basic trade agreements
• Quality assurance agreements
• General rules of e-commerce
• Contracts for sales of goods
• Estate contracts
• Translation of laws and regulations
• Amendments to Probation Officer Law
• Materials related to trials
• Covenants
• Lease contracts
• Contracts for sale of business
• Confidentiality agreements
• Contract agreements
• Memorandums
• License agreements
• Family registration

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