A deep knowledge of financial markets in different countries allows practical, quality translations.

Expertise acquired in real markets

Claire Brown (Operations Manager)

Because of the recent stock market slump and low interest rates in Hong Kong, many corporate and individual investors are investing in foreign markets. An increasing number of foreign investment trust companies and investment advisory companies trying to take advantage of this trend have entered into the Hong Kong market.

When it comes to global trends, internal and external financial institutions are competing with each other to accelerate the globalization of the financial markets.

Needless to say, translation of different kinds of documents involved in international financial affairs is an important process. However, it is said that financial documents can only be translated by those who have business experience in real financial markets both in Hong Kong and overseas.

For example, take a look at the common word “market.” Generally, it is used as a noun to mean a place where people trade with each other or a verb to mean promoting sales or selling products. However, it may mean “setting selling and buying prices” when used in relation to dealing. Similarly, the term “fund manager” cannot always be translated into corresponding katakana to mean an individual function or job title. A fund manager can be an investment company rather than an individual function.

Translation of financial documents requires not only a certain knowledge of financial products but also a multilateral understanding of financial transactions. For example, to translate a prospectus or a compliance document, the translator must have knowledge about what companies or divisions are involved in the transaction and what role they play in the entire flow from stages before the start of the transaction to the completion of payment. An adequate knowledge of related laws and regulations is also required.

Work experience in financial markets may come into play.

I have worked in financial markets both in Hong Kong and overseas for over ten years. I take advantage of the knowledge and sense developed in this experience to produce translations that are correct and easy to read for experts in finance.

What pleases me the most is that my translations supported by this experience are valued by customers. I will spare no effort to continuously acquire up-to-date knowledge of financial industries to improve my translation skills.