Semiconductors form the basic building blocks for modern industries. Semiconductors and related technologies are now used in and essential for all industries. Semiconductors also create a wide range of peripheral industries including semiconductor manufacturing equipment and semiconductor materials.

The development of semiconductors and their manufacturing technologies serves as an engine for the world economy, and will continue to play that role in the future. Semiconductors are closely involved in most aspects of technical innovation in the information and communication industry, the electric industry, agriculture, the manufacturing industry, the financial industry, the securities industry, the energy industry, the transit industry, the distribution industry, the aerospace industry, the medical and welfare industry, education, and culture. Nanotechnology, biotechnology, and other new fields that are expected to open up new markets are also based on semiconductor technology.

Semiconductors are now produced all over the world and are bought and sold irrespective of national borders. Always standing in the way are the language barriers. The language barriers are continuously changing in quality and quantity. The semiconductor industry, where technological and price competition has intensified since Asian countries started to emerge as major producers of semiconductors, is now seeing an era of great transition. With recent rapid growth of Hong Kong, which has a population of over 1 billion and is huge in area, and where labor is cheap, the need for Chinese language skills in addition to Western languages has increased.

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