Expertise (TRADOS)

TRADOS is a translation support tool equipped with a learning function, which allows effective use of past translation assets.
nTRADOS allows easy use of past translations or terms, producing translations with consistent expressions.
Ans: It provides stable quality and is appropriate for translation of revised or amended documents.

TRADOS also allows us to respond quickly and correctly to customers’ requests for changes of terms.

Ans: It allows translations with consistent, standard terms.

nTRADOS allows easy search of past translations or terms, eliminating unnecessary repetitive work.
Ans: It makes translation work efficient.
nTRADOS allows shared use or integration of translation memory for work distribution, reducing the time required for translation.
Ans: It reduces delivery time by allowing work distribution.
nNew sentences in the source language can be compared against existing translation memory to take statistics of repetitive expressions or calculate expected translation volume and time required ?
It helps calculate accurate estimates and reduces costs.
nHTML, XML, SGML, Ventura, QuarkXPress, PageMaker
nFrameMaker, Interleaf ?
It allows reuse of all document assets.
nPast translation assets can be loaded into translation memory even if they were produced without using TRADOS ?
It allows effective use of translation assets and translations with consistent, standard terms.

The following is an illustration of the entire flow of translation using TRADOS.
You can click functions in the illustration to view details on the functions.

TRADOS Translator's Workbench Translator's Workbench stores a pair of an original sentence and a translated sentence one after another in a Translation Memory (TM) so that sentences translated before can be reused to improve translation efficiency. For example, a pair of an English sentence and a Japanese sentence is automatically stored. When the same English sentence or a similar sentence is encountered, the stored pair is displayed so that the sentence can be reused.

1. Compare the original sentence and translated sentence displayed in Workbench.
2. Translated sentences are stored as an MS-Word document.

TRADOS MultiTerm This translation support tool stores technical terms or user-defined terms so that the same, consistent terms can be used in a single document or throughout related documents. This tool can also be used to extract all English sentences that contain certain terms stored in the tool from the past translation assets, and list the sentences.

Import/Export of TRADOS Translation Memory (TM)

Function to back up TM to a text file

Function to load a backup text file into TM

TRADOS WinAlign WinAlign loads a past translation asset created without using TRADOS into the Translation Memory so that it can be used with Workbench. WinAlign allows effective use of existing translation assets.

TRADOS WorkSpace

TRADOS supports the following file formats:

n MS-Word documents
n FrameMaker and FrameMaker+SGML documents
n Interleaf documents
n MS-PowerPoint documents
n HTML: Active Server Pages (ASP), Active Server Pages.NET (ASP.NET),
Java Server Pages (JSP) and other derived HTML files

Files other than MS-Word documents are converted into TRADOSTag data (TTX) with use of the conversion function of WorkSpace before being translated.