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Site Policy of Chris Translation Service Company

This website is operated by Chris Translation Service Company The following are matters to bear in mind before you use this site and other helpful information.
About copyrights
All the contents on this site including documents, photos, illustrations, and moving images are subject to copyrights held by Chris Translation and other parties. You may download the contents of this site or copy them in other ways only for your personal use or similar non-commercial use. Contents with a copyright indication of Chris Translation or a third party must be copied with that indication intact. Individual contents given use conditions by respective copyright holders can be used for purposes other than those given above, provided that those conditions are met.
Contents cannot be used for adaptations, public transmission, or other purposes without the consent of copyright owners except for the above cases or unless otherwise specified by the Copyright Law.
We do not authorize copyrights, patents, trademark rights, or any other right of Chris Translation or third parties with regard to the contents of this site, and do not provide any guarantee with regard to the contents on this site. We assume no responsibility for the contents of sites linked from this site.
The contents on this site are subject to change or withdrawal without prior notice.
Chris Translation Service Company makes every effort to ensure that all information on this site is accurate and reliable. However, no guarantee is given that the information is reliable or safe, and Chris Translation Service Company shall not be held responsible for any damage arising from users’ use of this site or information on this site.
Chris Translation reserves the right to change or delete the information on this site or temporarily suspend or close down the site without notice. Chris Translation shall not be held responsible for any damage, irrespective of the reason, resulting from changes to or deletion of the information on this site or suspension or closing down of the site. Your understanding is appreciated.
 Privacy Policy/Collection of User Information

Chris Translation may collect personally identifiable information when users apply for our mail service; when users ask for publications or other information or materials; when users apply for a job; or when users make some inquiry. Information collected may include users’ names, addresses, places of work, school names, job titles, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and other contact information and users’ personal work history for those who apply for a job.

• Scope of use of collected information
Chris Translation stores, uses, or analyzes personally identifiable information collected from users only for the purpose of the business activities of Chris Translation. Chris Translation may use personally identifiable information in accordance with relevant provisions in this privacy policy.

• Disclosure of collected information to third parties
Chris Translation will not disclose any personally identifiable information collected from users except for the following three cases:

• When such information is legally required by authorities

• When consent is given by the user to the disclosure of his or her information to certain third parties

• When disclosure of such information is required when a user is provided with certain information by a staff member of Chris Translation in charge of such information provision

Chris Translation takes reasonable security measures to prevent information collected from users from being disclosed to third parties by accident.

• Access log
Chris Translation keeps a log of accesses by users including their IP addresses. Users cannot be identified by IP addresses.
The access log kept by this site is used only for statistical analyses of trends in access or diagnoses when a server of Chris Translation has failed. The results of such statistical analyses are used to keep track of trends in access to our site in order to help improve the usability of this site.

• Changes of our privacy policies
Chris Translation may change our privacy policies as appropriate. When we make changes to our privacy policies, we will post such changes on this site to inform users of the change. When a user accesses and uses this site for the first time after changes are posted on this site, we understand that the user has agreed to the changed privacy policies at that time.

In this site, SSL (secure socket layer), an encryption technology, is used in pages in which personal information is entered to protect your personal information online. SSL encrypts data entered from your computer and sends the encrypted data over a network to a desired destination.
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