Business Translation Service Supported Fields

Any Professional website translation plan is a paramount and strategic check-mark for serious business people looking to globally expand to reach a bigger audience, potential clients from different regions and connect in an effective, localized communication style your prospects can fluidly recognize or understand. As with all common challenges, the right approach is your best bet to solve them. Facing the facts is what drives us to be enormously dedicated to all projects through the use of our website localization services. The tipping point and the acid test for any multilingual website is its ability to automatically change entire content to different languages spoken by targeted visitors but all the while retaining the integrity of its message. We will walk you through the process to achieve this and so much more, making it paint by numbers from your end.

At our end, a wide network of experienced translators will keep working tirelessly on your projects by actively finding the simplest path to help make your dreams come true. Coupled with the advances in technology that aids unrestricted communication between you and your translation expert, all you’ll be needing for this, is to sit back, relax and watch the quality of your website dramatically increase in value. All of these cool benefits accompanying our professional website translation services also gives makes for each valued customer to preferentially work with us at Chris Translation in creating a custom order adaptable to their distinct budget or plan.

Reliablity on our strengths, translators and proofreaders is what makes the Chris Translation team exclusive as service providers to any target language or culture. Our principle are always aligned with the theirs (natives). What’s more? We have translation options for documents or projects of high-volume. These corporate translation services with super-fast turnaround will always be delivered to you within timeline. Isn’t it amazing that you found Chris Translation? A global brand offering the best translation services? This is a 100% guarantee, from us to you, as all projects are assigned to Linguist skilled in Corporate Translation.

Reaching, communicating and engaging with customers across the globe and ensuring a great customer experience is reliant on a number of factors. Chris Translation specialist Marketing departments experience and expertise includes marketing translation, Cultural adaptation of content, transcreation, global search optimization, global campaign management, social media campaigns and right through to full creative design services.

Our internal digital marketing group are experts in ensuring that your marketing strategy and objectives are fully understood and our linguists are specialists in marketing localization ensuring full cultural as well as linguistic adaptation.

Services include:

  • Marketing localization
  • Transcreation
  • Global search engine optimization
  • Global and Social media campaigns
  • Creative design services
  • Website and mobile testing services


• Standards
• Basic trade agreements
• Quality assurance agreements
• General rules of e-commerce
• Contracts for sales of goods
• Estate contracts
• Translation of laws and regulations
• Amendments to Probation Officer Law
• Materials related to trials
• Covenants
• Lease contracts
• Contracts for sale of business
• Confidentiality agreements
• Contract agreements
• Memorandums
• License agreements
• Family registration
• Financial news e-mail service
• Asset securities reports
• Financial statements
• Sales reports
• Balance sheets
• Accounting software manuals
• Invitations to shareholders’ meetings
• Bank articles
• Annual reports
• Weekly reports
• News articles
• Press releases
• Articles on economic assistance for Northeast Asia
General business
• Case studies
• Training materials
• e-Learning
• Business letters