Planning and Publishing of Chris Translation Company

Chris Translation is engaged in the planning and publishing of books and other products related to English.

"BECLS1" is a software product for learning English. Beginners' English writing is corrected quickly but in detail. This is Japan's first English learning software of its type. Textbooks deal with common topics accompanied by illustrations so that beginners can learn English more easily. Users can learn words and basic sentence patterns and practice completing sentences by rearranging words and listening to the speech of native English speakers. Users can write free form essays in English and have their essays corrected. In this way, BECLS1 is designed to improve users' overall English skills. BECLS1 is user-friendly and full of native English pronunciations and cute illustrations. It contains 2730 native English speech recordings, 470 illustrations, 540 sample sentences, 1080 learning words, 500 basic sentences, 490 listening questions, and 940 sentences to practice English writing. It is intended to help users study English from the English level of seventh grade students. (In Japan, students usually start learning English in the seventh grade.) In this sense, BECLS1 is helpful to those who want to brush up their English.


"LINGUA-METALLICA," which compiles questions on entrance examinations into 150 topics, is a best-selling study book popular among a wide range of people including those preparing for university entrance exams and working people. We planned and compiled this book intended for students preparing for university entrance exams, and ZOSHINKAI PUBLISHERS, INC. sells the book on a consignment basis. This study book is helpful to working people who want to brush up their English.

WordPower English-English-Japanese Dictionary

"WordPower English-English-Japanese Dictionary," an English-English dictionary accompanied by Japanese translations, is a breakthrough dictionary translated and edited by Chris Translation in response to a request from ZOSHINKAI PUBLISHERS, INC. This is a dictionary that looks at dictionaries from a different angle, and is a best-selling dictionary selling over 30 thousand copies per year.

All about English-Japanese Translation

This book teaches secrets of translation accumulated over more than half a century of the author's translation life. What is a free, but correct translation? What is a correct, but beautiful translation? This translation guidebook is full of points and secrets of translation to help readers break through commonly accepted ideas and overcome difficulties with translation. The guidebook is the author's lifework. The author's own rules of translation, a number of practical translation techniques, and the author's views on the Japanese and English languages are found in this original guidebook. It contains a lot of example sentences and translations so that readers can learn a variety of English expressions. So it is helpful not only to those who want to become a translator but also to those who want to learn English itself.