In-house Training Service

In-house Training Service of  Chris Translation Company

We dispatch instractors in foreign languages and provide foreign language learning curricula, taking advantage of the knowhow of Chris Translation Academy, a translation school of established standing. We enjoy a good reputation for these services.

In today’s business world, improving the English skills of employees is essential for the development of companies.

Not only specialists in foreign languages such as interpreters and translators but also office employees are required to have a good command of foreign languages. As business activities have become globalized, office employees including office workers and engineers are increasingly required to write e-mail or prepare reports in English, or have a good command of business English or technical English in other ways. Our in-house training service helps to improve the English skills of your employees.
We provide ready-made or custom-made courses or seminars on translation, reading, and English writing for companies or groups. We also give tests as appropriate. We make full use of our knowhow accumulated in running Chris Translation Academy, a translation school.

Our practical courses, which assume actual business situations, will remarkably improve the English skills of your employees.

You may imagine courses similar to those designed to prepare for the TOEIC test. However, TOEIC and other similar tests are intended to determine examinees’ comprehensive understanding of English, and the results do not directly reflect the particular foreign language ability required in actual business scenes. Our in-house training service provides practical courses that are helpful in real business situations.

Our in-house training service enjoys a solid reputation, especially for custom-made training courses flexibly planned according to the type of business or the industry of customers, and to desired levels of proficiency.

Our instructors are all experienced professional translators. We have staff with expertise in a wide range of fields including technological fields.
You can take courses in Chris Translation Academy located at our office. One-on-one e-mail-based correspondence courses are also available. Our own end-of-course exams allow those who have attended our courses to check their degree of advancement objectively.

We prepare course plans and written estimates free of charge. Please feel free to consult with us.

Linguistic Validation Workflow

Steps in a linguistic validation workflow with critical components and rationale

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