Patent Translation Service

Patent strategies protect companies’ intellectual property rights and pave the way for new business opportunities. Chris Translation Service Co.’s high quality translation service supports your global business.  

Patent translation basically requires understanding of a wide range of technological fields, and on top of that, quick but correct translation.
Our patent translation staff with abundant experience in a wide range of fields including telecommunications, information processing, semiconductors, machines, chemistry, medical science, biology, and business models will back up your patent strategies including international patent applications.

Nowadays, the securing and exercise of intellectual property rights are considered lifelines for manufacturers and research and development companies. As business activities have become increasingly globalized, the importance of obtaining international patents, concluding license agreements, and responding to infringement activities has been increased. Since its establishment, Chris Translation Service Co. has been engaged in the translation of different types of patent descriptions, documents required in intermediate procedures, and materials related to proceedings.

We not only have maintained reliable quality control and confidentiality systems, but also are familiar with applications for international patents and procedures for concluding contracts between companies. Many companies in Hong Kong and overseas have placed their utmost confidence in us.

We have in-house translators and editors specializing in different Law fields, and this gives us an advantage.
Based on sophisticated knowledge supported by work experience in telecommunications, information processing, mechanics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, business models, international legal affairs, and other fields, we provide correct, rigorously polished translations that are unparalleled in the industry.
Flexible collaboration between staff members also allows outstanding responses to multidisciplinary fields.

Whether or not translations are logically and technically correct often determines the results of patent examinations.
Fully aware of the heavy responsibility of patent translation, we are making efforts to maintain stable translation quality and aiming to further improve added value.