Expertise (Engineering) of Chris Translation Company

Both systematic work processes developed by years of experience and professional human sense ensure translation quality.

An engineering team is involved in processes before and after localization processes. Our engineers classify and process a large volume of files so that they can be translated smoothly, and process translated files into final products. These skills reflect our knowhow accumulated in years of experience. When we receive an original text, we first analyze it to determine appropriate translation processes, and then organize an appropriate team. We provide an estimate at this stage.

Translation processes begin with file preparation. In this process, files to be translated are specified. These files are classified and repetitive sentences are extracted so that translators can work efficiently. In some cases, these files may be processed into easy-to-translate forms.
Here, analytical tools are used to check how accumulated assets such as translation memory and earlier versions of documents should be used, if applicable.

These files are sent to translators with data used with a translation support tool and work instructions. A file history control tool or an Internet-based information sharing tool is used to allow information sharing between translators and term control. This environment makes translation work more efficient and consistent.

At this file preparation stage, graphics or font data that may pose a problem in DTP are also examined closely. Build tests or link tests are conducted for online help and other files that require building work, and files handed off are checked for any errors. Translated, edited, and proofread files are then restored carefully into original source files. Index order may be changed because of translation. In such a case, the index may be sorted manually. The correctness of final products is always checked from the perspective of a professional. In addition, thorough testing is conducted for final products. HtmlQA, HelpQA, or another tool is used to check that links are provided correctly. Whether or not files can be output without problems is also checked. Our own test matrix is used to check product quality. We can also hear customers’ requests carefully and build a test system as required.