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Our high-quality, scalable and secure translation services satisfy every language requirement.

Our extensive global network of expert in-house linguists, pre-qualified freelance translators and specialized providers ensures a consistent and streamlined process, delivering industry-leading quality for all your translation needs. As native speakers, our translators have the mastery of linguistic and cultural nuances to make your content sound like it was written in the target language – not just translated.

System to translate a large volume of text in a short delivery time

As the pace of business has accelerated and product lifecycles have been shortened, translation companies are increasingly required to translate a large amount of information on a tight schedule. Because translation originally requires a good deal of manual work, there are limitations to translating a large volume of information in a short delivery time.
We defined the entire in-house translation process from receiving an order from a customer to delivery as a supply chain system, and started reviewing the system to find how to translate a large volume of information in a short delivery time.

To translate a large volume of information in a short delivery time, Chris Translation is working to streamline translation processes through system development, project management improvement, and accumulation of expertise as follows:

To satisfy needs for quick delivery of large volume translation without compromising the quality, we must be able to secure a necessary and sufficient number of good translators when needed. Conventionally, it took coordinators or project managers considerable time to enlist translators, select and approach appropriate translators, and arrange assignments.

Chris Translation established the Resource Management Division, which responds quickly to needs on site and meets a request for securing translators in a timely fashion.

In addition, the Automatic Assignment Process, which is based on linkage between the Chris Translation Information System and the Internet and designed to promote smooth communications with registered translators, is under development to reduce the time required to secure translators.

Reduce or eliminate the time required to secure or select translators

Electronic files of original text help reduce lead times because they can be pre-processed, they can be transferred over networks, and translation support tools can be used with them.
Even if original text is only available in hardcopy, we can now create correct electronic files of the original text in minutes by incorporating text scanning, optical character recognition (OCR), and proofreading semi-automatically into business processes, provided that we obtain consent from the customer.

Convert original text only available in hardcopy into electronic files at high speed for speeding up translation processes

The time required to send or receive files to or from customers or time required to control file transfers or versions in in-house processes increases with increases in the number of files to be handled. The risk of mistakes in file transfers also increases with increases in the number of files.
Chris Translation is developing a semi-automatic file control process to control file sending and receiving in order to minimize the time required to send or receive files.

Reduce the time required to send or receive files

We employ pre-processing of terms to extract certain terms and embed translations for them. This process reduces time required to use the same, consistent technical terms, proper nouns, and terms of frequent occurrence and helps translators work efficiently.
We also developed a style check tool to check translations for breaches of style guides or specification rules in seconds. This tool is intended to reduce the time required to check or proofread translations in post-processing.

Reduce the time required to check terms or reference materials or to read and follow style guides or specifications

We make effective use of translation memory tools to find the same sentences or fuzzy matches in a single or two or more related document files in order to recycle translations. This dramatically reduces the time required for translation of repetitive documents.

Recycle repeated sentences at high speed

We use critical chain management methods such as analyses of bottlenecks and buffer management to reduce the time required for a large project.

Reduce the period of time required by critical chain-based project management

We invest in high spec machines for compilation and other building work regardless of the expense in order to reduce the time required for engineering.

Reduce the time required in DTP and engineering processes