Real-time Project Tracking

As a web-based translation solution, Chris Translation allows you to easily obtain up-to-the-minute project status 24/7. Simply log into your project dashboard to track translation progress for each target language.

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What Makes Us Your Top Priority?

With fastest turnaround time & best rates in the industry, we provide finest professional (human) translation services.

As a “translation factory” to provide quality deliverables, Chris Translation will continue to make creative innovations.
To obtain customer satisfaction, translation services must be satisfactory in terms of quality, speed, and cost.
1 Computer-aided translation process. Chris Translation develops its own technology in response to demands from the field, and makes active efforts to build processes and management systems that take full advantage of IT.
2 Teamwork is also important to proceed with projects smoothly. A sales team to respond closely to customers’ needs, a project manager who manages and proceeds with large, complex translation projects, a proofreading team, and other teams are involved in translation projects. We continuously accumulate and utilize knowhow for processing translation projects smoothly.
3 As many as 1500 translators work with us on a steady basis. In the office, we have experienced editors and native editors, who are involved in translation projects in order to check the translations in two or three steps.

Chris Translation covers all fields of translation as a leading company in the translation industry.

Extensive Fields

Chris Translation also established Chris Translation Academy, a translation school, in the office soon after its foundation in order to find and foster new human resources. Those who have completed our courses can accumulate work experience in translation through PRE-OJT or OJT programs and acquire translation skills and knowhow that they can learn only at Chris Translation. Translation, which is cultural work, requires the fine sensitivity and judgment that only humans possess. In the past, however, translation was the work of a few individual specialists, each with their own seperate knowhow. Chris Translation envisions the use of state-of-the-art information technology and building of appropriate management systems to organize these separate efforts into a "translation factory." This is our consistent vision.

At the dawn of the 21st century, the development of IT and the spread of the Internet have made the world globalized and borderless in all aspects.
In the increasing borderless communications between countries, companies, and people, the language barrier is the last challenge, but it is still a high barrier.

Chris Translation has supported the demand for all kinds of translation for 30 years since its foundation under the consistent slogan “We Support All Fields and All Languages.”

For example, recently, there have been increasing demands for localization, patent translation, and pharmaceutical and medical translation. Localization is intended to allow computer software to be used in different language environments. Patent translation, which requires expertise in different technical fields, protects the intellectual property rights of companies. Pharmaceutical and medical translation contributes to the development of new medicines, which are now being developed on a global scale.

We have also accumulated experience in legal translation to help solve disputes between nations and to prevent possible incidents, in financial/economic translation to help smooth cross-border financing, and in all technological and business fields.

While we cover a wide variety of translation fields, we aim to provide specialized professional services rather than general services.
Satisfactory translations require sophisticated expertise and knowhow in these fields. With these efforts, we will be able to respond flexibly to new fields and multidisciplinary fields expected to emerge in the future.

Chris Translation was named after Solar Flares. With a burning flare in mind, we would like to fulfill our mission to support live communications.