Translation Quality (Confidentiality) of Chris Translation

We recognize the importance of corporate information and personal information and take all possible measures to ensure the protection and confidentiality of such information.
We transfer data in a safe, reliable manner.
The ANDEX file swapping system allows the safe, easy swapping and sharing of files with multiple people.
The ANDEX file swapping system does not require special software. This system allows us to easily swap and exchange files with anyone with an Internet access environment through a browser.
 Unlike conventional ftp, where the data being transferred is fully exposed to view, the ANDEX file swapping system, which uses SSL as a protocol to encrypt data, prevents data from being viewed. In this way, Chris Translation can transfer data in a secure manner.
Mandatory confidentiality and control of confidential documents
No projects are started until we conclude confidentiality agreements with all persons concerned in order to oblige them to protect confidential company secrets.
If required, we may ask for a receipt for confidential materials and oblige the receiver to delete or dispose of tangible or intangible information used in his or her work after the work is complete and submit a report of disposal of confidential materials.
Translation of highly confidential information and related work are done by in-house staff.
Confidential materials are stored in a locked cabinet under strict control.
Reliable backup system
Backup frequency: File servers are backed up every day.
History: Backup tapes are stored regularly so that we can keep track of the history to a certain extent.
We protect our systems against viruses around the clock.
We automatically update virus patterns every day to include the latest ones.
In the event of an emergency, we update virus patterns immediately to respond to the situation.
All data to be received and sent are checked for any virus.