Supported Fields

Supported Fields

Chris Translation’s translation service covers a wide range of fields. We support more than 90 genres ranging from state-of-the-art technology fields, such as space development, AI development, nuclear energy development and marine development, to cutting edge businesses such as semiconductors, computers, electronics, telecommunications and games, to key industries such as automobiles, aircraft, machines, construction, energy and foods, to financial businesses such as banks, securities and insurance, as well as medical science, biotechnology and ecology.

We categorize these different fields into segments so that we can always respond to customers’ needs. We also support a wide variety of document types ranging from manuals and specifications to patent descriptions, contracts, materials for presentations, advertisements and scientific papers. We support thousands of types of documents.

Chris Translation has an edge in its abundant human resources. We maintain a network of more than 6000 professional translators, who respond quickly to specialized genres. Chris Translation provides flexible, total solutions in the translation field.

As a complex translation company that can support all fields of expertise, Chris Translation provides reliable information by combining quality with technology to produce higher quality translations.

EnergyNuclear energy, petroleum, gas, electric power, heat supply, new energy, energy equipment/services
MaterialsChemical products, general chemistry, fertilizers/agricultural chemicals, construction materials, containers/packaging, non-ferrous metal/glass/aluminium, metal/mining industry, iron and steel, pulp/paper products
IndustrialCapital goodsNuclear power development, aerospace, defense, construction-related products, construction/civil engineering, electric equipment/machines, electrical/electronic devices, precision instruments, construction/agricultural equipment, industrial machinery, plants, conglomerates
Commercial service,
Trading companies/distribution, commercial printing, information processing, all types of commerce, recruiting service, environment-related services
TransportationAir freight, air transport, passenger carriers, marine transport, land/rail transport, transport infrastructure, warehousing business
Automobiles, auto partsAutomobile manufacturing, auto parts/devices, tires/rubber
Durable consumer goods,
Home electronics devices, furniture/interior, house construction, electric devices, household goods, sundry/leisure goods, textiles, apparel, fashion
Hotels, restaurants,
Games, hotels, restaurants, leisure facilities
MediaAdvertisement, packaging, cable TV, movies/music, publishing/printing, education/training
RetailSales, e-commerce, catalog sales, department stores, apparel, electronics devices, household-related goods retailing
Food/drug retailingFood/drug retailing, food distribution
Foods, beverages,
tobacco products
Brewed beverages, distilled alcoholic beverages/wine, soft drinks, foods, tobacco products, farm crops
Household goods,
products for personal use
Household goods, products for personal use
Pharmaceuticals, medical careMedical equipment, serviceMedical equipment, medical systems, pharmaceutical systems, healthcare equipment/products, medical facilities
Pharmaceuticals, biotechnologyPharmaceuticals, biotechnology
Various financial businessesVarious financial services, securities
InsuranceNonlife insurance, life insurance, comprehensive insurance
Real estateReal estate, real estate investment trusts
Software, serviceInternet software, application software, system software, telecommunications, IT consulting service, multimedia, e-learning
hardware, devices
Communication devices, computers and peripherals, electronic devices/equipment, semiconductor devices/products
Telecommunication servicesVarious telecommunication and wireless communication services
Public utilitiesElectric power, gas, comprehensive public services, water services, pollution control technology, environment, waste disposal
Intellectual property rightsPatentsMechanics, electricity/electronics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals/biology, business models, general
LegalLegal work, contracts, accounting, laws, regulations, Investor Information (IR)
Scientific/development researchScience, engineering, agriculture, medical drugs, cultural/social science

Instruction manuals, specifications, drawings, labels, online manuals, help files, software UIs, patent descriptions, patent documents required in intermediate procedures, materials for patent trials, contracts, written laws and regulations, company regulations, minutes of meetings, business letters, resumes, research papers, academic journals, research materials, newspapers, standards such as PL, ISO, UL, EN and DIN, marketing data, catalogs, brochures, web pages, articles, press releases, annual reports, financial statements, statement reports, study reports, company magazines/newsletters, various kinds of reports, applications for approval of drugs, written pharmaceutical laws and regulations, documents to be attached to applications for approval of drugs, medical certificates, training materials, e-learning software, dispatch of translators or interpreters

Icelandic, Italian, Ukrainian, English, Dutch, Greek, Croatian, Swedish, Spanish, Slovak, Slovene, Serbian, Czech, German, Norwegian, Hungarian, Finnish, French, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Polish, Macedonian, Danish, Latin, Romanian, Russian
Central Asia
Middle and Near East
Arabic region
Azerbaijanian, Arabic, Armenian, Uzbek, Kirgiz, Tibetan, Turkish, Hebrew, Persian
North Asia
East Asia
South Asia
Indonesian, Urdu, Korean, Khmer, Swahili, Thai, Chinese (Taiwanese/Mandarin), Japanese, Nepali, Burmese, Hindi, Vietnamese, Bengali, Malay, Mongolian, Lao