Pharmaceutical and Medical

Pharmaceutical and Medical Science Translation Service

Communications with internal and external experts provide a base for medical translation that meets the needs of the times.

Adam (Marketing & Communications Officer)

We are engaged in translation of a very wide range of fields. This gives us advantage.

Medical translation is often undertaken by Chris Translation specializing in medical fields.

Chris Translation may be unusual in that it is engaged in translation of a very wide range of genres. This actually gives us an advantage.

 This is because foreign language ability and a basic knowledge of pharmaceutical science are not always enough for medical translation.

Our in-house translators include those specializing in chemistry, mechatronics, computers, and other fields, and those familiar with international legal affairs and patent knowhow.

We can directly consult these experts about unclear descriptions or unfamiliar words encountered during translation. This environment allows translation based on a correct understanding. Translation related to medical equipment, which requires knowledge of multidisciplinary fields, is our department.

Of course, it is also important to work up knowledge so that we favorably compare with companies specializing in medical translation. Translation related to examinations for new drug approval requires an adequate knowledge of application documents to be submitted to the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare or the FDA.

We do not prepare application forms or related materials, but appropriate translations cannot be produced without properly understanding the purpose of documents to be translated and rules to be followed by the documents.

Kieth (Regional Head of Projects)

I aslo hold study mettings on my own.

In the pharmaceutical industry, international harmonization has been promoted. One good example is the guidelines announced by the International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use, or ICH, a conference established by Hong Kong, the US, and EU. This trend has increasingly spurred the globalization of the activities of drug companies, especially of their development systems.                                                                                                                                                       

Catching up with these worldwide trends in the industry also contributes to correct translation.

Just reading newspapers or viewing web sites in a translation company is not enough. I also hold study meetings and participate in those held by some of my friends in order to build up a network of professional contacts and exchange information with each other.

I used to work at a science division of a foreign-affiliated drug company. In the company, which does business in Hong Kong, the US, and Europe, I was engaged in translation and promotion of communications involved in new drug development, sales, and marketing.

Work there kept me up to date on the industry and satisfied my desire for knowledge. I played a part in the commercialization of new drugs. That interesting, challenging experience will not fade away.

Medicine is such a wide study which goes beyond countries, cultures or language lines.

Pharmaceutical and medical translation service providers are some of the most sought after translators because this art requires dedicated focus with industry-specific terms knowledge, to get the true accuracy. Why is this? An easily overlooked error in other fields could lead to dire consequences in the medical document translation field. With all of that said, Chris Translation has one question for you – would you trust your pharmaceutical translations in the hands of a novice, that could have a direct effect on your patient’s life?.

The easiest and most comfortable road to accomplishing your translation tasks isn’t always the most reliable, but we have good news for you due to this wonderful team. Here at Chris Translation, we give you valuable professional and medical translation services flexible to your individual budgets. This is because we strongly believe that human life and healthcare are a very delicate topics that should be treated or paid with equal respect. Every single medical document or paper approved by management and actively translated by our skilled medical translators further goes through our quality assurance programme. We even offer quality assurance and assistance with any of medical translations just in case its already done, ranging from multiple stages of re-editing or proofreading to testing with handpicked focus groups. All of these synergistic benefits is what makes the Chris Translation’s professional medical translation package(s) the best even among equal, though we don’t consider we have any.

Medical translation presents several unique challenges, meaning that translation expertise alone is often not enough to deliver an accurate translation. Medical documents frequently make use of specialized terminology and newly developed concepts that may not even exist in the target language. As the medical field is inherently broad, medical translators need expertise and experience in the sub-discipline or knowledge area to which a document pertains.