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Career Opportunities

Opportunities for In-house Translators at Translation Company Chris Translation


To fulfill our mission to support global communications, we are recruiting staff with expertise in a variety of fields, with language ability, and with their own individual qualities.


List of Job Types Required


The following is a list of job types currently required.
Refer to recruitment information on an appropriate type of job and apply for the job by sending the provided application form.


 Job type requiredDescription and qualifications requiredRecruitment information
Urgently Needed!
Native Editors
We are urgently recruiting in-house native English editors.Click here for detailed recruitment information.



We are recruiting translators with expertise in IT/telecommunications, electricity/electronics, mechanics, chemistry, medical science, pharmaceutical science, biology, architectural/civil engineering, contracts, accounting, finance, and politics and economics. Those skilled in the use of computers and with excellent expressiveness in the target language are sought for.